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Hospice in Assisted Living

Frequently I am asked if we are we able to provide hospice care in a Class F Assisted Living Residence like Adagio Manor Assisted Living. Although providing Hospice requires a separate license we can work with a Hospice Provider. In other words, Adagio Manor Assisted Living is able to provide the room the meals, and the 24hr home health aide care. We then we allow a Hospice Provider of the Clients choice to come in and see the client. The provider will prescribe comfort medication and measures for the client. Hospice providers will also send is special equipment such as hospital beds, commodes, and lifts to help with the clients care. While it can be confusing for people to understand both hospice roles and assisted living roles, the team at Adagio can help clients and families with an understanding of each roles. The nice thing about having hospice in a small residential assisted living is that family is welcome to visit at any time and even sit with the client over night, if that is their choice. Or, if family is fatigued they can be reassured by our trained staff who will watch over their loved one while they take a break. In the end we are all able to work as a team to meet the client's needs until the end in a comfortable residential setting.

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