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What do you do, when you are the caregiver for someone who is unable to travel?

Going to Florida, Arizona or taking a cruise can be a great way to lift your spirits when you’ve had a long winter. What do you do, when you are the caregiver for someone who cannot travel, due to physical or mental impairment, such as dementia or stroke? Many caregivers forego taking vacations. This is not good for the caregiver and in the long run it is not good for your family member. Not taking breaks can result in burn out, for YOU the caregiver.

This can lead to poor quality care, or in extreme cases even abuse. What is the solution? Respite Care at Adagio Manor Assisted Living ? At Adagio, we have a minimum stay policy or try our coupon offer for up to eight hours of free respite. You can fill out our regular admission paperwork and then let us know when you plan to leave. You can be comfortable that your family member will get individualized care in a homelike setting. We have 24 hour awake staff with a very low client to staff ratio. We can provide assistance with all daily living activities such as bathing dressing grooming bathroom and transfer assistance. We offer home cooked meals including special diets.

Let us know what your family member needs and for how long and then enjoy your cruise.

Bon Voyage!

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